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  • Operation Tarzan - Canyon Rescue Course
  • Wilderness Rope Rescue I & II - Wayne County SAR
  • Industrial Rope Rescue I & II
  • Wilderness Rope Rescue I & II
  • Wilderness Rope Rescue I & II
  • Canyon Rescue Course
  • SAR Rescue Mission
  • Wilderness Rope Rescue I & II
  • Wilderness Rope Rescue I & II - Wayne County SAR
  • SAR Mission
  • Wilderness Rope Rescue I & II - Wayne County SAR
  • Wilderness Rope Rescue I & II - Wayne County SAR

                                                       Experience…sorry but there really is no substitute!


“If you don’t use it, you lose it.” The old saying is absolute no matter what skill level. At Black Dragon Rescue Systems, we understand that to accomplish any rescue and get home safe, emergency responders must rely on their wits, skills and quick thinking because the fact of the matter is that there are no "do overs" in the real world. 

BDRS values, philosophies and curricula have been forged through real world experiences within uppermost levels of rescue capabilities. Our courses teach solid fundamentals and rigging principals that have been established on tried and true research of science and physics. 

To acquire higher levels of competency, a rescuer must constantly question and continually improve their core fundamental skills. BDRS students are immersed in realistic rescue training to develop depth and breadth in problem solving skills necessary for successful rescues. Core fundamental skills and the simple, proven techniques from BDRS are what graduates under the stress of actual rescue operations will utilize with confidence. 

“Sometimes there is no next time, no time outs, no second chances. 
Sometimes it’s now or never”. Are you prepared?

Featured Videos - Operation Spiderman

Operation Spiderman, Extreme Canyon Rescue training that included the Emery County Sheriff's TRT, Emery County Search & Rescue team and Utah National Guard 85th WMD civil support team. The training took place at our San Rafael Swell training location located in Utah. Filmmaker Dustin Carlson of Every Angle Films, captured some incredible angles of a very dangerous job. In video #1 Emery County Sheriff's Office, detective Jerod Curtis, sang "God Bless America".

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Why Choose BDRS?

Meeting todays evolving challenges and maintaining peak operational readiness is no easy assignment. The experience and knowledge base of our team here at Black Dragon Rescue Systems is second to none. Our course objectives are mission proven to improve resource effectiveness, reduce risk, and enhance team performance. Our instructors have amassed a diverse background and unmatched real world experience in all aspects of wilderness and industrial technical rescue, they have a simple no nonsense approach to ensure each student is a competent and confident asset to their organization long after the course is over.

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